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body contour treatments

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Our Body Sculpting treatments is our most popular treatment.

This is a non-invasive treatment that is tailored to each client, with each session you get a combination of our different treatments into 1 session.

Depending on the clients need, you get a combination of either of the following into one session:

  • Ultrasonic Cavitation

  • Radio Frequency

  • Woodtherapy/Maderoterapia

  • Manual Lymphatic Draining

Combining different treatments into one session will help give you optimal results to target stubborn fat , and help sculpt your waist out as best as possible, Clients are also provided with a Treatment plan to follow to avoid certain foods, and drinks and getting more active , to help you get to your goal.

This Service is a typically a 1-1.5 hour service depending on each client needs, each client varies and customized to your needs and concerns. Each client will have a full consultation prior to service to determine exactly how many treatment sessions are recommended for your desired results.

$160 per session

Package Options:

Tummy / Sides

4 sessions : $520

6 sessions : $780

8 sessions : $1,040

10 sessions : $1,300

12 sessions : $1,560

Body Parts

Tummy / Sides

$180 per session

4 sessions : $720

6 sessions : $1,122

8 sessions : $1,480

10 sessions : $1,870


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