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the organic customized facial

This is our most popular facial service. It includes a double cleanse, exfoliating enzyme mask with steam, arm and hand massage during steam, extractions of whiteheads/blackheads and other impurities, hydrojelly masks, arm/shoulder massage, hot towels. This is a luxury treatment of about 60 minutes. High Quality product lines are used such as: Glymed Pro, Shira, Esthemax, Nataderm.


Pricing: $110




Microneedling, also know as collagen induction therapy, is a ground breaking procedure where a medical pen is used to puncture the skin to promote faster cell turn over. In other words: it'll promote a fresh new layer of skin, therefore, improving the appearance of dark spots, acne scars, big pores, uneven texture, etc.

Microneedling is a result driven service, 3-6x treatments recommended for more severe cases.

Pricing: $175




Dermaplaning is a popular service where a disposable, surgical blade is used to slough off dead skin as well as vellus hair. It is amongst one of the most popular exfoliation methods with a very satisfying result. Can be added onto a facial or booked a la carte.

Pricing: $75



chemical peels

Chemical peels are used to remove damaged skin cells, revealing healthier skin underneath. 

Light chemical peels do not require much down time. They serve a similar purpose as microneedling but the after effect can result in dry skin and peeling as the newer skin comes out from underneath.

Chemical peels ae great for improving the texture of the skin as well as lightening dark spots.

Pricing: $150


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