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Introduction to classic lash extension application

Bella Babe Beauty Bar offers a 1 day intensive training course on Classic Lash Extension Application. We load our kits with all the necessary tools for our students to continue working on building their clientele. 

Outlined below is an itinerary of what takes place in our course: 


First Half of the Course



  • Introduction to Classic Lashes 

  • Terminology and Sizing 

  • Canadian Health and Safety 

  • Business Marketing 

  • Product Knowledge

  • Retention Troubleshooting, and more

Mannequin Practice 

Second Half of the Course​

Live Model 


After the course is completed, the student will be handed their Certificate of Achievement. If student still needs to perfect her skills, we may need student to complete more case studies (models). Students will always have ongoing support even after the course is completed. After this achievement, students will be able to make an income as an entrepreneur and/or get a job at a beauty salon offering this service. This includes the manual, mannequin head, kit, and certificate. 

Any further questions/concerns please contact: 


What's in your kit?

  • 2 pairs of tweezers, one straight, one curved

  • a mannequin head with practice lashes

  • foam lash cleanser

  • adhesive + remover

  • undereye pads

  • assortment of tapes

  • assortment of lash trays, mixed diameters and lengths in C+D Curls

  • Nanomister

  • USB rechargeable mini fan

  • microswabs and mascara wands

  • hydrometer

  • certificate of achievement

*Classes tend to take place on Sundays and/or Mondays

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