yummy mummy treatment


Our Yummy mummy treatment is tailored to our moms who want to get back to feeling great again while still on their own journey's to a healthier lifestyle. 

We include a mix of different modalities to help tailor your tummy and waist areas to help sculpt, reduce and tighten.

Our Yummy Mummy Treatment includes:

  • Radio Frequency

  • Laser Lipo

  • Manual lymphatic drainage Massage

This Service is a typically a 1 hour service depending on each client needs, each client varies and customized to your needs and concerns. Each client will have a full consultation prior to service to determine exactly how many treatment sessions are recommended for your desired results.


$150 per session

Package options:

4 sessions : $520

6 sessions : $780

8 sessions : $1,040

10 sessions: $1,300

12 sessions : $1,560

we accept all payments, all prices are subject to an additional +HST