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Do Lash Extensions Hurt?

Heck to the no! Your eyelash extensions should NEVER hurt. In fact, they should be barely noticeable except for maybe when a heavy breeze rushes by you! If your eyelash extensions hurt, twist or cause you any discomfort, that is something you'll want to make your lash artist aware of right away as it is not normal! Lashes that hurt could be caused by lashes that are glued together. When this happens, when your natural lashes grow out at different rates, one lash will start to slowly and painfully pull out the other lash...ouch!

It could be that the adhesive may have come into contact with your skin and as your lash grows out, it's pulling on the skin until you rub it hard enough that the skin is released. It could be that you have a sensitivity to the adhesive or that the extensions are too heavy for your natural lashes to support. All are reasons to contact your lash artist to find a solution because eyelash extensions SHOULD NEVER HURT! I would love to answer your questions about eyelash extensions! Feel free to ask us questions at any time!

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