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Will Eyelash Extensions ruin my natural lashes?

YES AND NO! Say what? Eyelash extensions CAN damage your lashes if they are applied improperly (like when more than 1 natural lash gets stuck in the glue) or if the extensions applied are too heavy for the natural lash to support or if there's any rubbing, tugging or pulling on the extensions after they've been applied. LASH DAMAGE IS 100% AVOIDABLE!

Here are 5 ways in which we ensure your natural lashes are happy and healthy with our lashes on:

#1 Clean isolation of each natural lash prior to applying the extension (this is where experience and choosing the right lash artist comes in).

#2 Cleaning your lashes at least once a day to ensure a thriving lash line. Foaming, oil-free lash baths and a little brush to swivel back and forth in your lash line is a great way to keep them clean.

#3 Ensuring the proper weight is placed on each individual natural lashes capacity

#4 Client education on how to care for and maintain lashes in between appointments

#5 Getting them professionally removed vs. pulling them out yourself. Pulling off your lash extensions will also pull out the natural lash. This can possibly damage the hair follicle and make it very difficult for the lashes to grow back. This is where #6 is important.

#6 Using a lash serum to prevent growth. Lash serums are great for any previous damage, to maintain lash health while consistently getting very dramatic sets, or for any one who just wants to maintain very full lashes at all times. With or without extensions.

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