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How Do I Remove Eyelash Extensions?

This question hurts my little lash soul! I totally understand that there may come a time in a woman's life where she... (gulp)...needs to remove her eyelash extensions. I mean they sell PB&J sandwiches with the crust already cut off of them.... it's a crazy world we live in!

IF on the very rare occasion that someone would need their lashes removed...I beg of you... please allow a professional to do it. Our adhesive removers are specifically formulated to break down the bonds of the adhesive within minutes and the extensions can be safely removed without causing damage to your natural lashes. If you attempt to remove them at home, there is no household product we recommend you use anywhere near your eyes to safely remove your extensions. So do your eyes, lashes and crustless PB&J loving self a favor and either wait until the extensions have shed naturally on their own or book an appointment with us to have them removed safely and quickly!

Do you have concerns about eyelash extensions? Let me help you uncover fact or fiction about eyelash extensions and leave your concerns for me to address in the comments below!

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